Innovative Ideas for TV Wall and LED Panel Design
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A TV is one of the most necessary luxuries every household requires while building a home. Leaving behind those old box TVs, this entertainment system has evolved into much more than a few channels to showcase shows; including OTT platforms, live sports, games, and nearly everything entertaining on the internet. Any interior design company in Trivandrum agrees that the most popular models have a sleek design with LED panels composed of different layers to ensure accurate color reproduction. It has become the focal point of the living room, designed to match its interiors with innovative LED panel designs and well-curated TV walls. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to designing a TV wall and LED panel, from sleek and unobtrusive to larger and more organized designs. Prior to making a choice, consider the rest of your d├ęcor with an interior designer and how the LED TV panel design will contrast with it.


Here in this blog, we shall shed some light on the most innovative ideas for designing the TV walls and LED panels to stand out from the crowd, creating a unique space for your quality time spent with your family.

Some of the most popular TV wall and LED panel designs are:

  • Laminated wooden TV unit

A laminated wooden TV unit would give you a sleek appearance with a blend of natural tones of wood to complement your subtle interiors. You can choose from a wide array of dark, neutral, and light tones according to your preference.

  • Contemporary TV unit design

This design would help you hide all the wires that snake around the floor, giving you a neat, crisp, and sleek look to the TV wall with contemporary paneling and showcasing spaces of your choice.

  • Rustic TV unit design

The most popular rustic TV wall designs resemble wood and exhibit a natural, rough, aged, and informal design aesthetic. This design typically includes countertops with an industrial-rough look and cabinets with a distressed wooden finish.

  • Floating Cabinet Modern TV Unit

Vanities mounted on walls and suspended above the floor are a must-have for compact or minimalist spaces. This design also helps in removing the hefty television stand, giving more room.

  • Pvc Main Hall Modern TV unit design

Due to their affordability and durability, PVC panels make an excellent TV wall design option. As a natural substance, PVC doesn’t corrode or deteriorate over time. It is easier to install compared to other materials, due to its lightweight nature and flexibility in design.

Additional factors to think about
  • While a good design will take care of how the LED panel fits in and looks, you shouldn’t overlook practical concerns. Often, these factors can largely influence the comfort and usefulness of your TV time.
  • Best interior designers in Kollam recommend positioning the LED panel at eye level, without keeping it too low or high as an improper viewing angle may cause neck strain and discomfort in the long run. In other words, at eye level for someone sitting on a sofa in a living room or lying in bed in a bedroom, for instance.
  • When designing a TV or LED panel, an experienced interior designer makes sure not to ignore the placement of the electrical source in addition to other connections. To give a sleek design, concealed wiring can help, for instance. For leads, wires, and other equipment that you occasionally connect to the panel, you might need to take into account adding a shelf or another storage area.
  • Not all TV units may find their place in the living room. If the use is often personal, TVs can be placed in the bedroom too. However, the LED panel should be on the wall that is directly facing the bed. Unlike in the living rooms, where there is ample seating space in front of the TV wall, bedrooms lack the space for separate seating with the right viewing angles. A swivel stand or floating paneling can be a helpful addition to such a situation.
  • Now, most TVs come with an advanced display system complementing the lighting in the surrounding. The ideal location for the light source is behind the TV. Placing the panel away from windows, lights, and other bright surfaces will help prevent glare and reflections.


We at Woodshine understand how important it is for you to achieve the ideal interior design. Like the interiors themselves, the possibilities are endless for the LED panel designs you can choose from. You can start by considering who uses the TV and how frequently, which will help you sort out the type of design, location, and seating of your TV space. While keeping practical considerations in mind, you can select a style that enhances your interior. For creating the best interiors for your home, get in touch with our top interior designers in Trivandrum.