Home interior designs to look forward in 2023
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After the isolation period of 2022 brought upon by COVID-19, People have shifted back to socializing. As 2023 is fast approaching, family get-togethers, parties and celebrations will be back in full swing. Renovations on home interiors are high during the start of the year to accommodate celebrations and events. If you are simply looking to renovate your home, or building your dream home, Knowing the trending designs is always a must. Get to know the top interior design trends for 2023.

Living Rooms

As the central gathering of a house, living rooms interiors are most looked upon. Customers are always confused about how to style their living rooms. The advice given by all the best interior designers in fields is to go for functional designs. Ensure to create max seating capacity and a sleek table. Go for In built TV wall with hidden shelves for decluttered living rooms. Warm, neutral and earthy colours add a cosy feeling to your home. Place a minimal yet statement ceiling light to complete the look.


Bedrooms are a safe zone for most people. A place they call it their own. When designing the interior for your bedroom ensure that you talk to the designers on your preferences. Wallpapers are the latest addition to bedroom trends. Beautiful murals or modern design with cooling colours are best. Statement lampshades, lights, wall art and painting add luxury to the design. Walk in closets are still trending and if your space is limited, built-in wardrobes with functional storage spaces make a huge difference. Go for floor mirrors to give that classy look to your wardrobe aesthetics.


Most people don’t give enough attention to kitchen designs, but the best interior designer anywhere agrees that Kitchen design, if done correctly, elevates your art of living. In 2023 semi-open, enclosed and open kitchens are on par with each other. An island kitchen changes the look and feel of your home. Slab backsplashes on countertop are preferred by most. Customers even prefer slab backsplashes all the way to the ceiling or around the range hood. It gives a seamless and classy look to your kitchen. Functional storage shelves are highly recommended by interior designers.


Terrazzo style is the star of 2023. The style is picked up for the depth and texture it adds to the space. Colourful sinks, high rise mirrors with vanity cupboards are must haves for your bathroom design. Zellige style and minimal colour tiles add a sophisticated look. Flat shower heads and freestanding bathtubs are chosen depending on the space available.

The overall theme for interior designs in 2023 will be warm and cosy with a touch of personalised statement pieces. Hues of green are still in demand for wall paints but earthy tones like rust and raspberry blush are making steady growth. The best interior designers in Trivandrum can help you build your dream so that you are not burdened with the entire process. Get in touch with the leading interior designers in Trivandrum at Woodshine.