Budget Friendly Interior Designing In Trivandrum
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A stunning home is everyone’s dream. And if you think you need to chip in a great amount of money for interior designing, you are very much misled. With the latest technologies and DIY arts, all interior designers in Trivandrum can agree that interior designing can be done at affordable rates. It is very important to keep in mind that high-end fancy lights are not a necessity to give your home a luxury vibe. Setting a budget plan is the first and important step in your interior journey. Getting help from an Interior designer is also recommended. Now, let’s get onto the tips on how to set a low-budget interior design for your home.


Tip #1  Wall paint vs Wallpaper


Choosing wall paint or wallpaper can entirely depend on your interest. Both have their own pros and cons. While the durability of wallpaper is long, the installation might cost a little more than painting. In case of paint, the application charges are slightly less compared to wall paint, but the durability period is short. Tips while selecting paint is not to have so many colours. More colours, more paint is needed which will end up threatening your budget. Wallpaper is chosen right with regards to colour and pattern, it can stay for as long as 15 years which is great for the money you spend.


Tip #2 Flooring


Any interior design company in Trivandrum would agree that choosing the flooring is the most difficult for customers. With a variety of options available they get easily confused and weighing the pros and cons for each type is going to take time. Here are our top budget-friendly options. The good old tiles- yes with a vast array of colours, patterns and styles available choosing the right one for the entire house would suffice. This way you can stay on budget. For bathrooms, you can choose anti slip vitrified tiles. For a classy feeling use tiles on your bathroom walls. Now if you are particular about wanting wooden flooring, the best option suggested by budget interior designers in Trivandrum is Laminate flooring. It is cost effective and adds a natural look to your home.


Tip #3 Lighting


Long-hanging extravagant chandeliers are the first item to cut off from your list if you want to stay on budget. These were chosen by most thinking, it will add a luxury look to your home. Within a year what you can see is that chandeliers are not easy to maintain and being crystals you need to clean them regularly as it is a favourite spot for dust particles to settle down. Now, what should you choose? LED lights- the star of interior designing. All the best interior designers in Trivandrum opt for LED lights as you can literally light up your home yet stay on budget. Warm lights give a very cozy look to your bedroom and the right usage can up the aesthetics of your home. For showpiece, lighting uses a minimal amount of low-hanging quirky light fixtures. Use them in your living room, dining, and bar counter if you have one.


Tip #4 Furnitures


Before ordering new sets of furniture, go through your existing ones. Those wooden sofas and chairs can be a great addition to your new house. Get it repainted and add a new set of cushion covers to your sofas. Matching the new cushion covers with your aesthetics will give a grand look to your home. Preserving your old furniture is a great way to add a statement or a rustic look. Ask your designers if there are ways to use your already existing ones. This way you can save a lot of money for other aspects of interior designing. Make sure you are placing furniture that is necessary to the space, unwanted furniture can take up a lot of space and can be a burden in the long run. While choosing sofa sets go for the ones that are lasting in terms of the cushion materials.


Tip #5 Decoration


First things first, decoration is a necessity to add life to your house but make sure you are not overdoing it. Plants are a friend and foe to many customers, says low-cost interior designers in Trivandrum. They order a lot of plants without knowing the proper ways to take care of them and end up with dried and rotten plants thus wasting money. To overcome this select a few indoor plants that don’t require much care and stay alive for a long time. Paintings can add a classy look to your living room. Just one or two would suffice. For the bedroom or living room add a bookshelf to give a sophisticated look, cover 60% of the shelf with books, 20% with decor items and 20% can be plants. DIYs are another way to stay on budget, ensure these are not made of paper as over time it can get dusty.


With everything said, remember that when you are spending for your decor it should have long durability. Many customers purchase items with a whim of a moment and soon regret doing so. Approaching interior designers or interior design companies is a great way to ensure you are getting the right items for the right space. Before going on a shopping spree for furniture, decors, lights, etc make sure you have an item list to check off. Casual shopping will get you buying items you like but they may not be necessary or add to the aesthetics of your house. The budget for interior designing can be set at the time of building floor plans. Especially the flooring and lights. A secret to interior designing is cross-checking if the item is durable for a long time. Cheap does not guarantee long-lasting. If you are looking for the best interior designers in Trivandrum, Contact woodshine today. We are happy to assist you.